We have combined the ancient with modern and welcoming you to explore different parts of India with all the exotic flavors of North and South India. Our Kitchen is your kitchen, our chefs are always ready for any special requirements that you may have.

536 Tandoor

Indian Cousine

Owned And Operated by: Satbir Singh and Manpreet Singh. 536 tandoor part of indian culture located in the heart of Pembroke pines. This amazing concept first appeared in sunrise, florida as Tandoor desi cuisine and pizza and is still one of the top restaurant in the area. 536 Tandoor boasts a menu of affordable and healthy dishes with our dishes being halal meats. Providing warm hospitality to guests and serve an exclusive array of Indian cuisine with the Traditional North indian and south indian Flavor. Our beautiful restaurant seats 85 Plus Guests. Our Menu has been a work of several Maharaja Style chefs from New Delhi, Bombay and Karachi whose creation has been both evolutionary and modern.

Owners Satbir and Manpreet Singh at 536 tandoor would love to welcome all cultures to explore Indian spices like you have never done before. We don’t use frozen or boxes spices, rather our chefs create their own blend of spices that will tickle your taste buds.

Our vast array of cuisines range from Punjabi style Butter chicken to Bombay style tandoori chicken, all vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and brushes of to south India with Masala dosa, chicken dosa, paneer dosa, sambar, and then moves to New Delhi with our curries and karahi then squeezes thru gujurat with pau bhaji and lands in china with our gobi Manchurian and chicken 65 style dishes.